Monday, June 2, 2008

Plant Work

I had my last Monday morning meeting today. The new volunteers introduced themselves; Susie, Anne, and Dan are looking forward to helping out. Barbara came to coordinate the June 4th celebration. Forest and Kim Starr are out here to do a plant survey and tell us which plants need controlling immediately and which aren't that bad. This afternoon Greg and I took them around the island and asked them to identify a few plants that we wondered about. They had found a few plants that could become big problems that weren't here the last time they were out here in 1999. They were volunteers out here and did the plant surveys in their off time. They did a lot of work! They are also the only people I've met that have taken as many pictures as me. They have all their pictures (most of the plants all across the Hawaiian chain) on a website called (Hawaiian Ecosystems At Risk). I've been looking at their pictures to identify plants around here every couple of weeks since I've been here, so it's great to finally meet them.

This is one of our native plants, Sesuvium portulacastrum, or sea purslane (Akulikuli in Hawaii) out at Bulky Dump.

This albatross chick has lost all of its down and looks like it's ready to fledge already. It was out on Bulky Dump also.

It was a good day for getting flying albatross pictures today.

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