Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Job Opening: Tern Island

I just wanted to do a quick mid-week post to let people know that my old Tern Island job is open.  It's only open until Friday, Jul 13.  I just found out about it today though.  Anyone with good maintenance skills, a good biology background (degree required), and wanting to work on a tiny island with 4-15 people should apply.  Here's the link on USAjobs:

To see what I did there, you can check my old blog:

This is what Tern Island looked like from the airplane a few years ago.  That's the pilot's helmet on the left.


Mali said...

That's the kind of job that makes me want to go back to school to earn a biology degree :)

Pete Leary said...

Yep! My experience out there was great, as it is here on Midway, too.

Pete Prellwitz said...

I just read through the blogs on Tern Island from 2010 to present. Well, almost present; the last one was in April.

Any word on future blogs from Tern Island? I know you're on Midway, Pete, but hopefully you've got some info to share.

Many thanks for your postings, by the way. This Friday we're taking our four sons on a "discovery dive" to see how many will be interested in getting SCUBA certification. Perhaps a future marine biologist/archaeologist or two?