Sunday, July 15, 2012

More work!

We've got a lot going on here on the refuge right now.  Now that the birds are disappearing, we can get some major projects started.  A crew came to seal some cracks on the runway.  That will last another month or so.  Another group of lead paint remediation workers also came to do major cleanup around a lot of our buildings.  

I mentioned Chris Jordan's film project needing help with funding the last couple of weeks.  It looks like his goal of $100,000 has been reached.  He and Jim will be here for a few more days getting more amazing shots.

 Many of the Black-footed albatross have fledged and probably about 1/4 of the Laysan albatross have fledged.   This one is wasn't ready for the water just yet.

 The albatross chicks congregate on the boat ramp since a lot of them fall off of the seawall and into the harbor.  The boat ramp is one of only 2 places they can walk back out.  A few of these have died already, but some will make it.

 The NOAA research vessel Hi'ialakai pulled in on Saturday.  They're here for a couple of days doing maritime archeology and shark research, as well as a few other projects.

Chris and Jim are trying to film some Sooty terns on Eastern Island.

 One of the terns landed on Jim's hat so he's recording the calls.

 While we were on Eastern Island, the volunteers picked up tiny plastic marine debris from the beach.  We're down to 2 volunteers now.  Jennifer has gone, but we still have Liz and Ryan out here to help out.

 This Masked booby chick looks much bigger than the parent.

 Jim is setting up his camera to get some star photos.

 I took a picture of Scorpio and Saggitarius with my cheaper lens on my Canon 7D.  Jim loaned me a more expensive lens, and I got the picture below.  The magnification is just slightly higher, but it lets in a lot more light.  I was amazed at the difference.  Maybe I have to buy another lens?


Seagull Steve said...

Wow....what a difference a lens can make!!! I wish I had the camera and lens I use now when I was out there.

Great picture of the boobies too.

brette said...

Hey what lens' were used? Just curious. I might also find myself in the market for a new one!

Pete Leary said...

Brette, the lens is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens. It is not a zoom lens, but things are about the same size as you see without the camera. It's a very good low light lens, and a great portrait lens.

Steve, your pics now are great. At least at Midway you can have a fairly cheap camera and still take really good pics. But, better equipment always helps.