Sunday, September 1, 2013

Late Albatrosses

Well, not quite all of our albatrosses are gone yet.  I see only a few per day, but I've never seen them hanging around this late in the year before. We're still finding sick and dead Laysan Ducks, so it's another working weekend, like every weekend this summer.  It's not too bad though.  We just walk around all of the duck ponds on the two islands.  We do have to search through all of the plants and grass around the ponds, so it takes a few hours every day.  Every now and then I see some dolphins or manta rays on the way over to Eastern Island and the boat trip is almost always nice, so don't feel too sorry for me having to work the weekends.    

This is one of the few Laysan albatross chicks left on island.

The Wedge-tailed shearwater chicks hatched recently.  This chick and parent are in the bunker by the south beach. 

 A motorcycle helmet washed up on the beach and someone put it on the rock so it wouldn't wash away again.

 I still take a lot of flying White tern photos.  I've got thousands of them, but they are asking for it by just hovering a few feet overhead.

 I like the back-lit shots but it's tough to get good ones.

 We haven't had many social events lately, but Saturday night we had a bingo and karaoke night at Capt. Brooks'.


Unknown said...

Hi Pete.

Great to see your newest photos from Midway.
Hope things are going well.

Excited to see the Midway film come out, eh?
It is great that the film is finished and getting out there. Opening night is Friday in Toronto (!)

All the best,
Ian Hinkle
Twitter: @ianhinkle

Pete Leary said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks for the comment. Yep, I'm really looking forward to seeing the final product after seeing Chris and crew coming out here for years. I'm glad you got the chance to come out here and be a part of that too.