Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Good Day

I went around the island and took a few pictures today, then went swimming at cargo pier. We were going to go snorkeling off the boat, but a seal was blocking the boat ramp so instead of bothering an endangered species we just went to the pier. There's a lot of fish under there and it's 20-40 feet deep so it's interesting to swim down and look around. I got a decent picture of a turtle that swam next to me, but it's on film of course and not digital.
Tonight we watched a movie over at the theater. It was "300" which was entertaining. It'll be nice to sleep in tomorrow, and I'll even get to watch "Monday Afternoon Football" since it's on TNT. Usually it's over by the time I get off work.
The turtles are on "Turtle Beach" as usual.
This seal was between the fuel pier and the cargo pier.
A black-footed albatross flies by.

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Peggy said...

I like it that I can see the waves breaking out on the edge of things in the picture of the seal. I'm glad you didn't disturb the seal on the boat ramp.