Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stuck Computer & Stuck Forklift

Greg and I spent another half a day trying to get that awful Lotus Notes email program working. That makes a day and a half that we've wasted on it, but it finally works. It's been cool out here lately. It got down to 62 F last night, but it warmed up to 78 this afternoon. A lot of people are actually wearing long pants and sweatshirts. There's a few of us on the island that still think it's not that cold yet.
This afternoon was interesting. We got the forklift stuck twice while we were moving palates of spray chemicals. At least we had the backhoe to pull it out. I had my reservations about taking the forklift on softer ground but I was assured that it would make it. After I got it stuck, one of the very experienced guys said he'd show me how not to get stuck and made it about 3 feet, and of course, sank right in. We ended up unpacking the boxes and moving the stuff in a little cart. It was 68 boxes at about 45 lbs each, so I got a decent workout today.

Here's some more albatrosses for you. That square thing in the background is the hangar.

The south shore of Eastern Island.


Becky said...

We have Lotus Notes at work...I HATE IT!!
How funny - I think 62 to 74 is perfect! :)

slune said...

Yeah, we were saying that maybe you should unpack your down coats - btw it was 38 here today, we don't feel sorry for you! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Pete,
Sounds like you are still having fun. Hope to see you soon.