Friday, November 16, 2007


Today wasn't that exciting, I got some computer work done and did some weed spraying. It was cool today, mid 70's and a cool north wind. It brought a lot more birds in. I think most of them are here now, and some of the black-footed albatross have already laid their eggs.

The plane is coming in this evening. It's a good thing they moved to night flights this week because there were thousands of albatrosses flying around today.

Here I am with some albatrosses on Eastern Island.

I found this glass fishing float on Eastern yesterday. It's about 6" long. Most of the floats are round so people usually like to find this style since they are more rare.


Peggy said...

Nice photo! You look very casual and relaxed and TANNED!

puvogeln said...

holly cow ... do you still have that. would love to see more pics.