Friday, November 9, 2007


Sorry I didn't blog last night but we had a bonfire last night to get rid of some of the ironwood we've been piling up and I got home too late. Quite a few people left on the plane today, so it was sort of a going away party.
The planes are going to be very crowded from now until after Christmas. The construction workers will be leaving the island for a month and a bird counting group will be coming in. The bird counters will go around the atoll and count every albatross. There should be at least a half million birds so they'll be pretty busy I think.
The plane took off today and got about 15 minutes away when they turned around and came back. They thought they had a problem with the propeller, but it turned out that nothing was wrong and they left again right away.

Here's Tawan, Kate, Zen, and Wendy. Wendy and Kate are done with their coral reef work for now so they left today.

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Peggy said...

Its a shame you didn't throw some of that unused termite infested furniture that's in one of the buildings.