Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to Work

After a nice 3 day weekend it's back to work. Nothing exciting there, just chainsaw maintenance and random stuff. It's kind of fun having the birds back again. They are always doing something interesting. It's pretty loud here at night now. The albatrosses make all kinds of weird noises, plus the petrels are still squeaking away all the time. It's pretty dangerous riding bike around here at night because petrels like to fly towards light, so there's a lot of near misses. They've hit me with their wings a few times but haven't got hit full speed yet by them. Another cool thing at night is the night jasmine bush in my yard. The flowers open at night and it makes the whole neighborhood smell like flowers. It's a very strong smell.

Here's a couple pictures from the fuel pier.

This is the seal that I showed you a couple days ago.

Here's a wandering tattler and a pacific golden plover on the pier.

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Peggy said...

I love the smell of jasmine! The smell of it always reminds me of being on vacation.