Friday, November 23, 2007

Back to Work for a Day

There are so many albatrosses dropping eggs right now that we had to spend the whole day marking their nests and banding them. Greg's hands are all bit up from trying to hold them while I band them. They really don't bite that hard but the point of their bill is very sharp so they scratch pretty good. One of these days we'll remember to bring gloves for him. You can see pictures of the bird banding from June earlier on my blog, but it's the same thing now.
It's only 2 weeks until I go back to Hawaii for a week with Dasha (my girlfriend) then back to visit in OH, MN, and ND. That means tomorrow is another day of working for comp time.

Jim (our P.A.) and I are taking some duck pictures at the Radar Hill seep.

This is just me taking Laysan teal pictures (Photos used with permission of Jim Cassell and Nancy Wallander (as soon as I ask them tomorrow)).


WS2000 said...

Are you coming through Bismarck ND?

Pete Leary said...

I don't think so, but there's a chance.