Sunday, January 6, 2008

6 More Months

I'm back to the warm weather. Thanks for all the messages and congratulations. Now I'm not planning on being off island until I leave in June.
It's been rainy here so far. That means the verbesina will be sprouting up like crazy soon.
We started our visitor program now and our first group of people came out yesterday. They are teachers and people in a position to educate others about Midway and the other Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. I think they're liking it so far.
We've got 2 short-tailed albatross on the island now. They are both juveniles and are dancing together, so that's a good sign. The one over on Eastern island is still there by itself.
Well I'll leave it there for now and give you a couple of pictures.

This was Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago.

This was Midway this afternoon.


Peggy said...

I'm sorry that you're away from your new bride so soon, but I'm happy to have photos of the albatross again. It's looking quite lush and tropical on the island today.

Kodak the Eskie said...

Hey! What were you doing in our neck of the woods (MN)?!! Too bad you were here during the cold snap. It's been in the 30's for the last week but I hear we are to be getting our lowest, frigid temps next week. Enjoy your 60 and 70 degree days!