Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chick Pic

I got out and took some pictures today. It was a beautiful, sunny day again (at least until this supper time when it started to rain). It looked like a good day for the animals to soak up some sun. I saw more turtles and seals than usual on the beaches. It seems like everybody was just taking it easy today.

That little white fluffy thing under the bird is the chick. It was sleeping so I didn't bother it. We use those little stakes to mark each nest in our plots, so when I say that I go check the bird plots, I check every nest to see which adult is there as well as the status of the egg or the chick.

This is one of the ducks that is visiting us this winter. It's a Shoveler just taking off from the ball field seep. There was also a Pintail there, but it flew before I could get a good picture.

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