Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rainy Winter Day

Another rainy day at Midway. Our invasive weeds such as nightshade, spanish needles, spiny amaranth, and golden crown-beard (verbesina) are liking it. Especially because we can't get out and spray much now. We are getting a lot of building clean up and organizing done. There's really a lot of junk around here to get rid of.
The first Laysan albatross chick came out yesterday in the P.A.'s yard. I'll wait to get pictures of it when it starts looking around. Until then, here's some pictures of Laysan ducks.

The duck's head gets whiter as it gets older, so this one's been around a few years.

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Peggy said...

That's the thing about weeds. They can grow in the rain! Pesky things!