Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

The visitor group left last night. It went pretty well for the first time. They even bought some beer and drinks for the island residents as a thank you to have after they left. Thank you, and I hope that a few of you check my blog now besides Mary. Mary said she was reading my blog before she came out here, so it’s nice to get some feedback in person (I like the web comments too).
The pizzas came out on the plane and there were even some leftovers. We get pizza at brunch on Sundays but it’s not quite the same as Papa John’s and Pizza Hut.
Today was another beautiful day. I took a lot of pictures but most were birds flying and stuff so I’ll only post two for now and save some of the others for days that I can’t get out and take any.

Two Black-footed albatross are up on their tiptoes doing their dance.

Here’s another example of why we can’t have planes landing during the day. These are all albatrosses which have at least 6 ft wingspans.

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Anonymous said...

We made it back, and yes you were right we had a terrific time. Both the people and the animals of Midway were amazing ambassadors of the atoll. I will keep reading your blog to get updates on the short-tailed albatross and the comings and goings of the other wildlife. Thanks for keeping us in touch. Mary