Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Plane Night

Our visitors from Duke University left this evening after a beautiful day. This was class for them. I wish that I'd had classes like that one. They were taking turns doing blog entries each day so it's interesting reading and there are some great photos there too. They squeezed in a lot into their 9 days. Here is the website if you're interested:

I got a new camera lens on the plane tonight. One thing I wasn't aware of when I bought my digital camera was that the lenses have a different focal length than the film camera. So what used to be a wide angle lens with my old Canon is now a zoom lens. Now I'll finally get to take some wider angle pictures with the 18mm lens.

My roommate, Marc, left on the plane today. He got most of the albatross banded, counted, and studied, but I'll have more albatross work to do now that he's gone. At least Matt and McKenzie (the 2 volunteers who were helping with all the bird work) are still here for another couple weeks and they are up to speed on everything.

A seal is sleeping on a sunken slab of the old seaplane ramp.

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Kay Cooke said...

Hi from Albatross Colony at Tairoa Head.