Friday, January 11, 2008

News From Eastern Island

Today I heard that the short-tailed albatross on Eastern Island finally has a friend. Some pictures were taken and it looks like one of the birds that was on this island. At least that older bird finally gets to see another one of it's own species over there.
Other than the bird news it was fairly uneventful. I just sprayed some verbesina and did some computer work.
I heard that some pizzas were ordered and will be delivered on the plane tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow if we got to have a pizza party tonight.

One of the young short-tailed albatross is being harassed by a nearby black-foot so it's getting kind of mad. This isn't the bird that went over to Eastern island.

Here's a morning glory plant that I'm trying to identify. There are a couple of species that look very close to each other. I'm trying to find out if it is Ipomea indica. That species was native to Midway but was wiped out. We now have a few plants brought over from Laysan island and we are trying to get it re-established. I found this growing way back in the weeds so either it's the native Midway indica and we should save it or it's the invasive kind of morning glory that we need to spray. We'll see.


Peggy said...

How much information to you have? Leaf shape? Size? Bloom colour? Type of root? I would love to sink my teeth into that sort of problem. Any botanists visit the island?

Good idea that you'll not kill it until you know for sure.

Anonymous said...

Pete, I mthink you need to lay hands on a Botanical key. there is no way I know of to identify that Ipomea spp. from a foto.

good luck,

Wendy Cover said...

Wow, when did the young short-tails show up? Are they the first ones seen on Sand?