Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Chainsaw Thursday

We're slowly getting rid of that one patch of trees. Maybe by December we'll be done. Today I finished the tractor training so I can finally mow the verbesina. That's a lot easier than spraying, although we'll still have to spray the new sprouts that pop up.
The NOAA ship "Oscar Elton Sette" is coming back tomorrow. It will pick up Angie, one of the seal people, and leave right away again. We'll also have a plane tomorrrow afternoon so it'll be an interesting day.

This is what the bunchgrass looks like. We're trying to get it to grow pretty much over the entire island.

This is the Fish & Wildlife office. That is a whale skeleton that was on the beach. It's in the native plant garden where we have examples of most of our native plants.


Anonymous said...

midway sounds great, I would just be afraid of bullies beating me unmercifully with pissclams and tying me to the the pier at high tide.

your friend

sol rosenberg

Peggy said...

From now on if I am bitchy to somebody and tell them to grow a spine, they'll know where they can find one! Best garden ornament I've seen in a long time. It beats gnomes by a long shot.