Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eastern Island

Today we took a trip to Eastern Island. Angie went to count monk seals, Jimmy went to count Laysan ducks, and Greg and I went to collect seeds from native bunchgrass to plant on Sand Island. We saw the dolphins on the way over and I took some pictures, but they were being lazy so the pictures aren't that interesting. Just a few fins sticking out of the water. We saw 36 Laysan ducks over at the pond where we were collecting the seeds so even though they are endangered, they seem to be doing just fine here.
There was also another flight of Washington congressional staffers that flew out here to look around to see what we do here and what needs funding.
We had a 727 fly in with cargo last night at 3 a.m. They also deliver to some other island which is why they stop here at such an inconvenient time. But they bring us stuff so that's ok.
Eastern Island still has a lot of leftover metal and concrete from when they had the airfield on this island.
Here's a couple Sooty Terns checking to see what Greg is up to.
This is one of the 36 Laysan ducks that we saw at the pond.
A Brown Noddy chick is waiting on a stump to get fed.

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