Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More TV stations

We got 3 of our TV stations back after losing them for a month. There was a wasp nest on the satellite dish and was blocking the signal. Now we got Showtime, WGN, and TNT back. That still only gives us 12 channels. We've got 2 ESPN's, 2 CNN's, HBO, TBS, a religious channel (TBN) and 2 Thai channels. At least there are a lot of DVD's on the island for people to swap.

Today and tomorrow are tractor training days. We did the online training and now we drive it around for a little while with an instructor watching. Then we can mow the verbesina.
For those of you who asked about the Gooneyville Lodge, this is where it used to be. I'm not sure when it was torn down but it was a long time ago. This is a spot that we spray verbesina, mow, and keep it controlled.
This is taken from the same place on the other side of the road. We haven't gotten to this yet. Maybe next year.

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Peggy said...

When I see all the land that you have left to clear, all I see are the millions of seed that the little stinkers are producing! Look at it as job security.