Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not so excitiing Monday

Today wasn't that exciting. This morning I did chainsaw maintenance and this afternoon I did paperwork for my performance standards. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures and I didn't do anything exciting enough to talk about so I'll just give you some pictures.

This is the same weanling female from yesterday that was playing with the electrical cable. Now she's taking a rest next to a beach debris crate.

This is the place we call "Rusty Bucket". It's full of old rusty stuff.

This is a view down the old north/south runway that isn't used anymore. It's just filled with weeds but an airplane could land on it if it's a real emergency.


Peggy said...

All Rusty Bucket Beach needs is a huge junk yard style industrial magnet. I'd would have all that scrap metal outta there in no time. Doesn't Fish and Wildlife have one behind a shed somewhere?

Pete Leary said...

There probably is one in some junk pile around here.