Sunday, August 26, 2007

Seal Sunday

I didn't do much today. I took another few hundred pictures so I'm up over 16,000 now. I took some pictures of some of the areas we've been working so I'll show them to you. I'll show you other areas on a slow day.
I also saw a seal playing with some old electrical wire. That's the kind of stuff we pick up along with the nets because the seals will play with anything and end up getting hurt or drowned. I also saw one albatross chick yesterday near the seaplane hangar. I think that was finally the last one here since no one has seen any for about a week. This one didn't make it though. I went by today and saw that it died about 100 yards from the water. It probably hadn't been fed for a while. But that's how it goes on Midway.

This is a small seal born this year playing with the frayed cable.

Part of Radar Hill before chainsawing ironwoods.

Same spot after cutting ironwoods.

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Peggy said...

I know it's a frayed cable, but the seal does look like its having a lot of fun.

Good shots of what you've done!