Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chainsaw Wednesday

Another day of getting rid of Ironwood trees. We moved it to Wednesday since our other volunteers are leaving Friday (as long as hurricane Flossie doesn't cause problems). As usual I took my swim in the ocean when we were done since we didn't have filet mignon for dinner tonight (it was seafood spaghetti).
Tonight I played a few games of cribbage and squashed about 6o little carrion beetles that were flying around Capt. Brooks' Tavern (since there aren't many dead albatrosses left, there isn't anything for them to eat so they were going after my Doritos and mango salsa). They'll be gone in a week I'm sure. We also played a few games of beach volleyball. I think I still like it here.
I've got some bad news too. The Bonin petrels are back. Those are the ones that dig the holes everywhere around the island. It's nice when they aren't here because when we fall into them we don't have to dig the little guys out. Since the sand is so soft around here, sometimes we'll collapse the sand into 3 foot holes. It's really hard to walk anywhere off the roads here because of them. They are nice little birds though and they don't peck at you when you pick them up to move them.
Bonin petrel in back of my house. He's looking for a good place to dig a hole.
Here's a random picture of the bananas we hung up in our garage to ripen. The branch broke so we didn't leave them on the tree.

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