Thursday, August 9, 2007

Guess what we did today?

Chainsaw Thursday. Another hot day of cutting down ironwood trees. Today was the first chainsaw day that I didn't go jump in the ocean. That's because we had some good food tonight. Tonight was filet mignon night and I wanted to make sure I got some. It was pretty tasty. The food here is usually really good. There's always a couple of Thai dishes in the buffet and then some kind of fish usually and some other meat like beef, pork, or chicken. I've gained a few pounds since I've been here. I'm proving my arguement that excercise doesn't make you lose weight unless you eat less also. That's hard to do when you have a buffet for every single meal.
I don't have any new pictures so here's a couple that I took on Sunday.

Here's the WWII pillbox on South Beach that I showed you before. There's a brown noddy sitting on it.

Here's a closeup of the brown noddy.


Anonymous said...

Are you shooting the brown noddy with a digiscope?

Kathy in MN

Peggy said...

My beach envy isn't going to get any better with photos like that.

Brown noddy - nice looking bird - Is there a field guide for birds of the South Pacific?

Pete Leary said...

I'm shooting the picture with a 100-300 mm Canon Zoom with my digital Rebel XTi.

There's a lot of Hawaii bird field guides and various regional ones too. Most of the Hawaii guides have all of our birds in them (except for Least Terns and Little Terns).