Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hello, I'm back again

Thanks for the comments, those of you who make them. Our phones and internet are mostly back up now. The internet isn't back up at the office yet though. We should have a little better connection now.
I've been busy this week but I don't have much real news.
As I told you before, since we're close to the International Date Line, all of our holidays are a little off. So we had our Halloween party on Saturday night. Most people scrounged up enough for a costume.
We did a lot of mowing at least until the tractor broke again. Now we're back to spraying the weeds. We cleared a lot of area for the birds. The acting refuge manager counts the birds by the runway every day to see when we have to switch to night flights. Today there were about 2,000 black-footed, and 400 Laysan albatross. There are still not enough of them flying around to switch to night flights yet, but maybe by next week.

Our dish is moved.

The birds are getting a little more crowded. There's a few thousand here already just in the areas we've mowed.

Here's Ben at the Halloween party with the Chupa Cabra pinata that our physician's assistant Jim made.


Peggy said...

What's Ben's costume? He looks like he's got diving gear on over his t-shirt.

Glad you survived the communication blackout and that nobody invaded during that time (except for the albatross).

Kodak the Eskie said...

What was your costume?

Pete Leary said...

Ben went as "Dave" a guy who sprained his ankle when he was skydiving. He had his skydiving suit on and since it was warm, it was unzipped.
I don't have any pictures of my costume but I was a Weedbuster. I was going to be a ghostbuster but since the internet was out, I couldn't get the picture of the ghost with the circle.