Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Winter Day

Today it was windy and rainy again most of the day, but also beautiful for part of the day. I heard the visitors got soaked while they were getting a tour of the island. At least it's warm. I found out that these Duke students are graduate students in Coastal Management. I think this is a pretty good place to learn about that stuff with our endangered species and invasive species and all. I took some pictures of the rain today, but I left the camera cord at work so I'll give one to you tomorrow.
Here's a fat monk seal at frigate point (the western point of the island). That green stuff is naupaka bushes.


RunnerBecky said...

Looks like that seal might have eaten a tourist or 2!! :o

Peggy said...

What a chunk! Can seals smile? That one looks like he's smirking?