Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cargo Plane and Chick Rescue

Today I at lunch I saw a few new faces in the Clipper House, which reminded me there was a cargo plane last night. Apparently there were some problems at their next destination and they couldn't leave last night, and of course they can't leave during the day with all of the birds around. The crew got to spend the day seeing the island, and they left this evening.

I also had to save a couple of chicks, including the one in my yard that I took a picture of the other day. Sometimes they fall or get accidentally pushed out of the nest and the parents just sit on the nest and look at the chicks. I don't know if the adults still think they are sitting on the chick, or what they are thinking, but they won't get out of the nest to keep the chicks warm. As soon as I picked up both chicks, the parents stood up and let me put the chick back without snapping at least. Both chicks were shivering because they were cold, and they'll have a lot more to get through to make it to fledge, but at least they didn't freeze to death today.

This is the cargo plane. I'd never seen it before because it usually comes after midnight and leaves long before sunrise.

Another chick is hatching in my yard.


slune said...

This is a nice picture of the baby bird in the shell, eventhough the shell is on the bottom of the bird :)

RunnerBecky said...

Hey Pete!

I love the albatross chic pictures...we didn't get to see them that little when we were there. You've got some really great shots.

I was wondering if you could do me a favor...
My boyfriend and I just got engaged last week and we are seriously contemplating an Oahu wedding. Could you email me and let me know how your experience was and how it all worked? It would be greatly appreciated! beckyingold@yahoo.com

Becky :)