Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Usual Winter Day

It was a windy, rainy day today. I did inside work like mandatory annual computer training and cleaning up some of the gecko poo that’s all over everything. Sounds like fun, right? I haven’t had much bird work to do lately because my roommate Mark and the 2 volunteers, Matt and McKenzie have been doing it all lately. Mark leaves in a couple weeks so I’m sure I’ll have more bird work after that. I’ve still been taking pictures of them though, as you probably noticed.

Here's a small green sea turtle on the eastern side of the island.

This albatross is checking out the turtle in the water. It was only about 3 feet above the turtle.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pete, Sorry I missed you when you visited the center. Thanks for the chocolate bar. I see you are running. I am starting training for the Fargo Marathon so I have been running about 4 miles every other day to stay in shape. It was brutal yesterday zero with a 25mph wind yuck. Keep the cool pictures coming.


Pete Leary said...

That's way too cold to run. I'm not up for a marathon quite yet. My boss John came up with a marathon course as well as the 5k and 10k courses. The marathon is basically 3 times around the island with a little backtracking to make it long enough. And your welcome for the chocolate.

Becky said...

A Midway Marathon?! I'd like to come back and run that one!!