Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Storm

Today we had a big rain storm with strong wind. A few more trees and branches blew down. One tree tipped over, pulling the roots up. A few nests were tipped up and the eggs broken. There was also an albatross killed by the tree but the egg didn't break, so the volunteers made a little nest next to one of the birds whose nest was lost, and the bird sat on the egg and started to incubate it. So it looks like if that egg makes it, the chick will have foster parents. It should work since it seems the birds don't really recognize the egg.
This is a view from the FWS garage this morning.

This is the tree that was blown over that I talked about. You can see how the ground pulled up at the roots where the nests were.

One of our papaya trees didn't make it either and the banana trees are tipping.


Peggy said...

I hope the egg didn't get too cold and survives! Good work to everybody involved in that one.

There is a big mess after that storm. I just keep thinking about the fairy terns and the way they just have their eggs in the crooks of branches.

Pete Leary said...

At least the terns don't have eggs yet or I'm sure many of them would be broken.