Friday, February 29, 2008


We had cupcakes and other stuff this morning at work for Matt's birthday. It's not until tomorrow, but it was easiest to get everyone together at the office.

After cupcakes, we went and checked the red-tailed tropic birds. There was still only one nest so far on our plots. We also did a little greenhouse work after that. We cut down some more ironwoods today at Radar Hill. It was great to have help. We had 3 people chainsawing and 4 helpers, so we got a lot done.

Here's Matt, Barry, Greg, and Jen waiting for cupcakes.

Here's Elise, Dana, Lauren, and Kristin.

Dana is helping me check the tropic bird for a band.

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Peggy said...

Everybody working on that island is so good looking! It's like a living Pepsodent Ad!