Friday, February 1, 2008

Tropic Birds

Today McKenzie, Matt, and I checked the red-tailed tropic bird plots. We've seen them starting to nest on a couple of spots on the island, but so far there are none in the plots. It doesn't take long with no birds there.
We had a plane tonight and changed out a few people on the island. A few went on vacation and a few came back to work.

It was a beautiful warm day today. I hope the weekend is as nice.

Here's something I haven't shown you before. This is the little enclosure that the original ducks were kept in when they were brought from Laysan Island. They were kept in here for a while to get used to Midway. Their wing feathers were also cut to make sure they wouldn't try to fly back to Laysan. They have a lot of food, plenty of nesting habitat, and no predators, so they love it here.

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