Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday

It was Superbowl Sunday today. Since we don't have network TV on the island, we had to get the game over the internet. We couldn't get a U.S. feed at first, so we had to watch a chinese broadcast of the game. We didn't understand it but at least we could see the plays. We found an American channel for the 2nd half so we could watch and hear the game.

Here's the crew at Capt. Brooks'.

Instead of Tom Petty for the half time show, we watched the gooney birds taking off and landing. Even though most of us have been here a while, we still had a good time watching the birds do their thing. It never gets old.


Anonymous said...

What did the commercials look/sound like in Chinese?

Any favorite commercials at the Cap"t Brooks?

Pete Leary said...

The commercials were not the U.S. ones, so we missed most of them. We didn't discuss which was the best of the few we saw, but the carrier pigeon one probably got the loudest laughs.