Friday, February 8, 2008

New Chicks

This morning we checked the tropic bird plots. We found one White tern chick and one Red-tailed tropic bird chick. The tropic bird wasn't in the plot so we didn't have to do anything with it. We also found a Bonin petrel that got stuck in an oily bucket over in the boat house, so McKenzie and I had to wash it off with soap in the sink. We dried it off and put it under a plastic crate so it could dry off and get its feathers back in order. We kept it there all day and I let it go this evening. Hopefully it will crawl around in the dirt for a while to get the rest of the oil off and fix the rest of its feathers otherwise it won't make it when it lands in the ocean and isn't waterproof.
We also did chainsaw Friday today over on Radar Hill. It was the usual hard, satisfying work.

Here's an old picture of a tropic bird and it's chick. The chick we found today just hatched yesterday or today so it's smaller and white instead of gray.

I didn't take a picture of the white tern chick today, so this is also an old one, but it's still cute.

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Peggy said...

The little tern chick is off the charts cute! Such a good photo!