Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ducks, Petrels, & Towel Animals

Today we did some more cleanup of the ball field seep. The ducks sat and watched again and ate the bugs that we scared up. There were a lot of spiders and centipedes, but they didn't bite any of us.
We also went out again and caught petrels for banding. All of us have scratched up fingers from their sharp beaks, but it doesn't seem to be that tramatic for them.

Every day since I've been back from vacation, we've had new animals folded from towels up at the Clipper House. There have been dogs, lobsters, stingrays, monkeys, pigs, and more. So far there haven't been any repeats so that's pretty impressive. One of the Thai guys worked on a cruise ship and learned how to do all of these.

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