Sunday, February 17, 2008


There's no big news to catch you up on yet. The plane came in on Thursday with a few people working on our monument plan. They stayed one day and left Friday. Our volunteers, Matt & McKenzie also left. We are expecting the next group of volunteers next week. That'll be good to get some help with the birds, and the chainsawing, and the seep cleanup.
It was a beautiful day today, so I went and walked along the west beach trail for the first time in a while. There's a nice trail there that looks over the beach in a few spots and winds through the trees.
We're expecting the internet to be out tomorrow, but back up Tuesday. So I hope I'll be able to post again then.
A black-footed albatross and chick have a pretty nice view near the west beach trail.

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RunnerBecky said...

Oh, how I miss that crystal clear blue water! Especially when it's 6 degrees outside! Another great picture, Pete...thanks!