Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stormy Day

We had another big storm today. First it rained all night (quite a few chicks drowned) then this morning we had 67 mph winds. At least we had some strong winds a couple weeks ago so the weak trees already fell. Greg and I still had to rescue some chicks that were trapped by the falling trees, but not as many as before. The branches were squashing a couple chicks, but they were still alive and as soon as we took the branches off of them, they were snapping at us like we were the ones that put the tree on them. At least they are still at the cute stage where their bite doesn't do any damage. The only fatalities of chicks that we saw, other than the drowned birds, were two that were killed when a bench got blown over. That was amazing considering that the wind even blew down a cinderblock wall behind one house (the blocks landed all around a chick that made it through without a scratch).

This is a chick in my yard during the big rain. They really don't look happy when they're soaked.

This is one I took yesterday. It's a Laysan/Black-foot hybrid and it's chick. I don't know if the hybrid is fertile or not, but it's been sitting on the egg and taking care of the chick.

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Peggy said...

That is one pathetic and pissed off looking chick!