Friday, June 15, 2007

1 week

Today I've officially been here for 1 week. Sorry I skipped the blog yesterday, but the internet was out. There are a few drawbacks with a tiny little 1200 acre island, but I think I'll survive the one day without internet. Yesterday we went out and banded some albatross chicks and also some red-tailed tropicbirds. All the birds here are pretty tame but when you actually grab them, they do bite. The tropic birds have serrated beaks to keep the fish in, so it kind of hurts when they bite, but I only got one little scratch from them. My roommate has the pictures of that so I'll see if I can get them tomorrow.

Today we had to go out and cut ironwood trees. I had chainsaw duty since I have the most experience with all my wood collecting in Montana. The ironwood trees can grow up to 40 ft in 18 months so they are kind of pests here too. The weekend is coming up so I'll have to figure out some good stuff to do. There's only 1 picture today but I'll take a bunch this weekend.

Red-tailed tropic bird with chick.

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