Friday, June 29, 2007

I Hate Wasps

Friday was chainsaw day as usual. It started out pouring rain again, also like usual but then cleared up. Every time we go cut down the ironwoods, someone gets stung by wasps and today it was my turn (one of the volunteers also got stung but he can write on his own blog!). The wasps are also an invasive species but we aern't trying to eradicate them from the island yet since they only have "Nuisance" status right now. Tonight another plane is coming in so I hope my packages of stuff that I need will fit on this plane. The last plane didn't have room for mail and some people have been waiting 3 weeks for mail, but the planes are too full. Just one of the things about being 1200 miles from civilization I guess. I didn't get out to take pictures today, but since I've taken about 6,700 pictures so far, I'll dig in my archives for a few.
A Red-footed Booby nesting in the Sea grape tree on Eastern Island.

A Red-footed Booby chick on the other Sea grape tree on Eastern Island. These aren't quite as cute as the White terns or the Red-tailed tropic birds.

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