Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 5

I've seen so much here it seems like I've been here a month. Today was alright. In between getting rid of verbesina, the guy I work with, Greg, gave me a tour of one of the historic buildings. The old seaplane hanger was shot up and bombed in WWII and he was showing me the bullet holes and bomb craters. I'll post a picture of that place in a day or two (once I take one).

I went down to one of the piers today and saw some cool things. I saw 3 white tipped reef sharks together, lots of turtles and a manta ray. After I took some pics, I went to the pub and played cards. It was good to relax a little. Here are the pics from today:

Here's a Green sea turtle keeping an eye on a white tipped reef shark. The shark is about 6 ft long. Sorry for the lack of detail but the water was kind of rough today.

Here is a manta ray swimming in front of the same shark. The turtle was still watching but he is slightly out of frame. That would have been a cool shot.

Some green sea turtles resting on the beach for the evening, as well as some young albatrosses.

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Laura P said...

Hi Pete! I am really enjoying your blog..I check it every couple of days. Your pictures look amazing..Pablo and I keep going back and forth between them!! Love the sharks and the turtles!! Keep enjoying doesn't even seem like you are working!! Hugs