Monday, June 11, 2007

First day of work

Guess what. I didn't take any pictures today. But it was my first day of work. This morning it was all paperwork but this afternoon was interesting.
We took the boat out because there was a large fishing net stuck on the reef so we had to go snorkeling and cut it off. It wasn't easy. There were 5 of us and it still took over an hour and the net was a few hundred pounds. At least no seals or turtles will drown now. The net did a lot of damage to the reef too by breaking off lots of nice live coral. From the boat we saw a very large manta ray splashing on the surface. It swam right under the boat and looked like it was about 10 ft. across. We also watched some seals fight and then went over to Eastern Island to check that out. There are no buildings on that island anymore and just a lot of cement, old rusty metal, and of course birds. I crawled into an old WWII pillbox (a little steel box where they could fire their machine guns from). I had to crawl underground through stickers, ants, and spiders but it was cool. I'll post a pic tomorrow if my roommate's photos turn out.

Tonight was basketball night, last night was bowling night, so there's enough to do around here. I'll at least add a couple of pictures so you have something to look at.

Two Great Frigate Birds

White Tern chick.

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