Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nice Day

Today actually was a nice day (except for the 1 hour of rain in the middle of the afternoon). I took a lot more pictures but I can't post them now because I'm recharging my camera battery. Just go back and look at the ones I posted last week.
Today my boss and his wife found a dead monk seal pup. It had died at least a couple days ago and was only a day or two old. They had to do a necropsy on it and I think every fly on the island came to witness it. It looks like it may have had some developmental problems. So that was interesting.
I think I've finally explored the whole perimeter of the island now. I still think it's great here. The wildlife is amazing.
We had a Father's Day party tonight with the local band playing. I know it's a week late, but we needed some excuse for a party since we didn't have an incoming plane this week. Today a sailboat came in that was on its way from Australia to California that needs some repairs. So they'll be stuck here at least for 4 more days until our next supply plane comes in with their parts.
Also, I'll respond to some of the comments for you new people. I work for the US Fish and Wildlife Service on a temporary position for 6 months doing invasive species management. The main job is getting rid of a plant called verbesina (golden crown-beard, it's the yellow flower you see in many of my photos), but on an island with only 65 people, you have to do whatever needs doing. Midway is 1 hour earlier than Hawaii and only about 120 miles from the International Date Line. And yes, the white terns are as nice as they look. I don't know why they like to fly 3 feet from your head, but they are interesting companions. And for you new people, don't forget to look through my old posts for pics. See you tomorrow.

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coop said...

Pete its coop man i never thought any of us would be as lucky after our stent in honolulu man you have blown it away.... Shay also send her love great blog we read it every day