Sunday, June 10, 2007

2nd Day

I checked out most of the rest of the island. It's a lot bigger than it looks from pictures. I am going to get some more pictures up that I took but it will be a few hours. I'll shrink them down so they aren't so huge when you click on them.

Our party last night was pretty cool. Some of the guys from Thailand put together a band and played. I don't recall hearing too many of their tunes at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame though.

I also found out that the albatrosses on the other side of the island are a little meaner. One actually ran over to me to bite me. It doesn't hurt. The ones on this side of the island don't care about people at all, so some places are difficult to ride your bike since they are everywhere.

The Clipper House (where we eat).

Laysan Albatross.

Laysan Albatross, 2 White Terns and the moon in the background.

Green sea turtle.

Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Hawaiian Monk Seal with pup.

White Tern with chick.

White Terns also called "Fairy Terns" because they fly about 3 feet from your head and follow you.

Great Frigate Bird.

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