Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It won't be too long before the albatrosses start leaving. It's kind of funny now because fewer adults are coming back to feed the chicks so whenever one comes, a bunch of chicks run over and try to get fed. The parents know which chick is theirs so the others don't get free handouts. Most of the Bonin petrels are gone now too. It's nice because they've dug holes all over the island and when you step near a hole, it caves in and you have to dig it out quick before the petrel suffocates. Some of them are so deep that you can fall in up to your hip because the sand is so soft.

Tonight the weather was finally nice enough to move out of the gym and play volleyball at the beach. The court is right outside the tavern so it's a nice meeting place. I took a record low for pictures today, only 48. So here's 2 of them.

Sunset at Capt. Brooks' Tavern. The volleyball court is off screen to the right.

Another white tern chick. These little guys are fun to take pictures of, especially when they try to look scary to chase you off.


Peggy said...

The little white tern chick is pretty adorable.

khintze said...

Hey Pete, nice blog. Midway looks beautiful. Looks like your having a swell time