Monday, June 18, 2007


Today was a good day. The guy I work with, Greg, took me around all the deserted buildings and showed me all the stuff that was left by the Navy and anyone else who was here. There was a lot of cool stuff, old wall maps, furniture, pictures, paperwork, electronics, and all sorts of other equipment. The only problem was that the wet weather, termites, and neglect has ruined pretty much all of it. Every old building is leaking water so nothing lasts, and almost every piece of metal on the island is rusted. But it's good to know where to go to scrounge things when we're low on supplies.
We did some air sampling for NOAA (weather people) to measure CO2 levels on the island. We also had to do some work with VLF (Very Low Frequency) atmospheric monitoring for Stanford university. We had to then go check on the Tsunami Warning equipment we have here.
It was rainy again today so this afternoon we replaced some weedproof matting in the cemetery. There are 5 doctors and a sailor buried here starting from 1906. The doctors were buried here because it was the doctor who was in charge of embalming the bodies for travel back to the US, so when the doctors died, no one else knew how to do that. Interesting, huh?

Here's a few pictures that I took a couple of days ago since I didn't take any today.

Here's another white tern.

We also have a few thousand canaries on the island thanks to someone who let 12 of them loose.

This is a Black Noddy, we have Brown Noddies too but they look the same. It's hard to tell but their head is a beautiful powder blue.

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