Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good Thursday

Today was fun. After spraying some verbesina and pulling some by hand, we went to spit island to get rid of the verbesina over there. We had to cut off the flowers so the seeds wouldn't mature on the pulled out plant. We also went snorkeling since we were out in the boat. We went outside the atoll for the first time since I've been here. We went to a place that was about 30 ft. deep. It was pretty cool. There were lots of fish. I'll have some good underwater ones if I ever get them developed. There were 3 Galapagos sharks hanging around the whole hour we were out. They were little ones about 4 ft. long so we weren't worried about them (at least most of us weren't worried). They just went about their business and I think I got a few good pictures of them.
Tonight we're going over to the Island Manager's house for a little going away party for the volunteers. Like I said, it will be quiet around here until more show up in November.

My pictures are sometimes behind, so here's what we did last week.
This is the trail we made up to the gun emplacement from the doctor's cemetary.
Here's the gun emplacement all cleaned out and ready to look at.

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Peggy said...

The gun emplacement looks SO tidy! Well done. Good path too!

Naturally, you know that I am so envious about the snorkelling that I can't see straight. I hope you can get the photos developed and up on your blog in record time.