Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Last night was alright. It was bowling night first, then it was martini's out on the deck at Capt. Brooks Tavern to watch the meteor shower (I had to email someone coming back on the plane to get vermouth since we didn't have any on the island). Actually, there were more meteors on Saturday night, but there were a few more impressive ones on Sunday night.
Today our tech guy J.J. was busy. The coral reefers had an underwater camera start leaking on them and he tracked down the major source of our slow internet. Someone had a virus that was sending out millions of Spam messages all day, every day. He'll get his hard drive wiped, but at least we'll be able to use our internet now.
Today was my chainsaw maintenance day and I also did some greenhouse work. We are trying to get a couple of native plants to start growing here again, so I made up 200 pots for popolo plants and chenopodium plants. They'll grow from seeds that we collected on Eastern and Spit island. In a couple years we hope that they'll be all over the place.
You only get one picture today since I haven't taken many lately.
This is a very rare sight right now. I only saw about 4 albatrosses today so within a week they'll either all have died or flown away.


Anonymous said...

I do not want to sound too judgemntal but, what kind of a IT guy would allow a computer system to run without adequate virus protection? What about spyware protection too. I obviously do not have all the information so there maybe a really good explanation for this. :)

Anonymous said...

So, are you anticpating any fallout from Hurricane Flossie in your area?

Also, I think I drew your name for Christmas....how about a Chainsaw? Only for use on Thursday. If not, you may want to send me some ideas.

Pete Leary said...

Our system is kind of weird here. We do have certain computers that are only for business and those are protected, however many people have their own laptops and it's up to the people to protect themselves. The only problem is that since we are so small here, we don't have tons of available bandwidth (by the way there was 2 people's computers infected and they opened that stupid "you have a greeting card" virus). I kind of wish they would make a few more internet rules around here but I guess they don't want to interfere with people.

We may get a little rain next week from Flossie, but the water here is cooler so it will dissipate quite a bit. It's still over 1500 miles away. Also I don't know yet what I want for Christmas.