Monday, August 6, 2007

More Visitors

Today we had some action again. Another Coast Guard ship pulled in and another Coast Guard plane came in at the same time to take some crewmembers back to Hawaii. It was the USCGC Boutwell (WHEC-719). This ship was much bigger than the other ones that have been here. It's even longer than my sub was at 379 ft. They are on there way to China and a few other places for some PR I think. I had to go put out rat traps and line guards when they came in. We don't need any rats here again. A bunch of us then took a tour of the ship. They only came in to drop those people off and to get a few hours on the island so they could see the historic sites and the wildlife. So they left this evening already, but at least they can say they've been to Midway.
Here it is tied up to cargo pier.
Here's only the second picture of me so far. This is their Dolphin helicopter.

There were lots of turtles swimming under the pier today. I saw 6 of them.


Peggy said...

Excellent turtle! It's nice to see you too.

Did you manage to prevent rats from coming ashore?

Pete Leary said...

I'm pretty sure that no rats got here. It would be surprising for them to be on a Coast Guard ship anyway. If they did get on the island, they probably already ate the poison and wouldn't last long.