Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Visitors

Another Coast Guard plane came in today. It was a group of people from Washington D.C. here to check on the funding here. They took a tour of the island and left after about 4 hours so it was a short visit.
We're kind of wondering here if we'll have any problems from hurricane Flossie that's over the Big Island right now. That's still about 1600 miles away, which is about the distance between San Francisco and Dallas. Since the water here is cooler too, the storm shouldn't gain any energy. It could still mess up our flight on Friday, so we'll see if those 10 people can get out of here.
Today was an exciting day of getting rid of castor bean trees. We cut off the seeds to burn and then cut down the trees. I guess they used to grow them here for some reason, but now we're trying to get rid of them.
Here's the plane. It's a little nicer than the plane that takes us back and forth.
Here's a great frigate-bird just for something else to look at.


Anonymous said...

oh shit the coasties are stylein' in that too

Peggy said...

Nice ride!