Monday, August 20, 2007

New Birds

Today I spent alot of the day on the computer. I have to do some training to run the tractor with the lawnmower attachment. It's 5 hours of computer training and then I have to get certified by the certifying guy who just happens to be out here this week. We have to get in all our verbesina mowing before the albatrosses come back. Computer training for tractor operation seems kind of goofy, but that's how they do it.
I was out taking pictures yesterday and ran across a new bird I haven't seen before. I saw a white-tailed tropic bird (6 of them actually). They usually nest on cliffs so they don't come to Midway much, but I found a nest up in a tree with a chick. The red-tailed tropic birds nest on the ground so they are everywhere. It was cool seeing these here.

Here's a white-tailed tropic bird. They are a little smaller than the red-tails and they have a yellow bill instead of bright red. Oh yeah, and a white tail. You can check out my earlier pics of the red-tails or I can post another one tomorrow if you really want.

Here's a Curlew that was out near the seaplane hangar. They will come close to you if you whistle at them. There are quite a few down here now. I don't know where these guys came from but they come here after breeding season to hang out.

I'm just giving you this picture because it looks like the white tern is bigger than the seaplane hangar.


Peggy said...

At last, I have something in common with Midway. We have curlews! They breed here and call all spring long.

I thought the albatross just left! They're coming back soon? Well, you better hurry up with the mowing then.

Cool new birds.

Anonymous said...

hey pete that picture with the white terns looks like a good pic for Winai to sand blast

Pete Leary said...

That's not a bad idea Kahi. I might do that.

The albatrosses probably won't be back for over a month, but at least if we mow, it'll give them more nesting spots.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Wow Pete, it looks like the white tern is bigger than the seaplane hanger!

Unknown said...

ps. thanks for the white-tailed tropic bird shot, I never saw one up close

Gaylon said...


Sitting here cleaning my camera equipment with Sheila and she pulls up your site. Some great photos here. What are you using for a lens to get so close to the fledglings? Great job.