Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nice Sunday

Today was a beautiful mostly sunny day. It was warm but there was a nice breeze keeping it a little cool. I went out and took some more pictures today. I filled up my hard drive today so it wouldn't let me transfer all of my pictures. I'll have to clear some space tomorrow. It's really hard to figure out which pictures to delete, but I don't really need 20 of the same sunset.

Tonight was the first night since I've been here that there wasn't a single bird on the road as I came home from the bowling alley. Most of these last birds that are still here look like they may not make it. Although it's a good sign that they've lasted this long.

Today one of the construction workers was sitting on the beach and watched a tiger shark catch and eat a young albatross. That's the first time this year anyone has actually seen that. I think the sharks are coming closer to shore since there aren't that many birds out farther now.
A big fat monk seal is resting on the beach. Good thing I have a good telephoto lens since we shouldn't get close to them.
Here's an older white tern chick.


slune said...

where is my turtle? D.

Peggy said...

Don't you have the capability to transfer your pictures to disk? If not, you can always upload them to Flickr before you have to delete 'em.

Very cool Monk seal and tern photos.

In Hawaii the tiger sharks always show up when the water is murky after there has been rain on the islands in the hope that something dead has washed into the water. Don't swim in brown water!