Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quiet Day

I spent most of the day today planting bunchgrass and processing the seeds for planting later. I guess I should show you a picture of that since I talk about it. But you all are probably used to me being a day or two behind on the photos anyway. Overall it was a pretty quiet day and of course, warm and beautiful. I'll keep it short for you today rather than get into too many details.

See, I told you the dolphins weren't doing anything yesterday.

White tern chicks are great to take pictures of because they are everywhere and they don't really care if you're next to them. The adults are always around too. Today one landed on me while I was emptying spiders out of a bag of bunchgrass seeds.


Peggy said...

The fact that the dolphins were there and you could take a photo of them would be enough of a thrill for me! Do you know what kind they were? Spinner Dolphins? Bottlenosed?

Sweet little tern chick. They have the sort of face that makes you want to give them something.

Anonymous said...

I love your chick pictures!!!!!!!!

Pete Leary said...

These were the spinner dolphins that live here in the atoll. I think the other dolphins and whales pretty much stay out of the atoll.